Cloud-Native Release Orchestration

Vamp is an AIOps platform for Cloud-Native Release Orchestration that helps companies to release software faster with near-100% reliability for a great customer experience. Vamp is the missing element that connects your CI/CD pipeline to the customer experience.

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Release Automation

Build complex, multi-stage release strategies in minutes such as automated canary releases, blue/green, multi-tenant and A/B tests. With Vamp, releasing becomes risk-free and user-centric.

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Continuous Validation

Vamp validates the impact, performance and quality of releases based on technical (SLOs, SLAs, SLIs) and business metrics. Automatically rollback when things go wrong to limit blast radius using AI/ML.

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Release Observability

Track KPIs across teams, applications and services. Know the status of all ongoing releases, in real-time. Plus in-depth insights into past releases. Identify bottlenecks and continuously improve your software performance. 

For Cloud-Native Applications

Vamp is architected to be deployed on Kubernetes and containers out of the box, which makes it the perfect choice for your apps and services running in this environment.


Release with confidence

Vamp is an AIOps platform for Cloud-Native Release Orchestration that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing.

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