Vamp Enterprise License and Pricing

How the model works

Vamp Enterprise is installed on any cloud platform, on-premise or bare metal. We offer a subscription pay-per-use model that caters for all these situations.

How a Vamp Enterprise subscription works:

  • You only pay for what you use as you grow based on the vCPU nodes in production environments that you deploy your software to with Vamp.
  • We bill per month based on the on last month’s actual usage of Vamp in production environments.
  • A typical installation of Vamp for medium or large sized enterprise costs €2k to €5k in monthly fees - excluding the support charge of your choice.
  • We have startup rates available
  • You choose your level of support as part of our contract available in three flavours: Basic, Enterprise or Gold. More details about support can be found here.
  • Vamp should be installed on your preferred cloud platform, on-premise, or both.

Please contact sales to request a Vamp Enterprise subscription quote that fits your requirements.

Vamp Enterprise architecture

Vamp Enterprise Support

Vamp Support levels

Vamp Enterprise is a licensed software product for which we offer three levels of support: Basic, Enterprise and Gold. The table provides a high level overview.

Implementation support

Our team will help you get to production state as soon as possible. Vamp is pluggable into your environment. Training and support from our product team is one click away.

We have several global and industry focused implementation partners available for consulting, architecture and operational support.

Contact us for pricing information and details on support.

Support levels basic enterprise gold
Service window for incident 09:00 - 17:00 08:00 - 22:00 24x7
Weekends - - Yes
Support through Slack - Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes