Release with confidence.
Even on a Friday afternoon.

Gain the confidence and intelligent automation you need to release and optimize software faster, with near-100% reliability for great customer experience.


What is Vamp?

Vamp is a Cloud-Native AIOps platform that provides self-service release and cost optimization capabilites. Vamp automates the release process, applies a safety net when releases fail and pinpoints the precise operational capacity needed to run an individual service – all while safeguarding the customer experience.

Continuous Release Orchestration.

Automate the release process and control
the go-live moment when you go to production.


Accelerate your release cycles and
time-to-market by 90% with Vamp.

Continuous Cloud Optimizer.

Pinpoint the perfect balance between performance
and cost for Kubernetes-running apps.


Ensure optimal performance and reduce
cloud spend by 40% with Vamp AIOps.
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For DevOps & SRE.

Automate the release and rollback process. Deliver software faster without killing your SLAs. Get more time and more sleep.

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For Product Owners.

Have control over which customers see what features and when. Optimize the customer experience and revenue.

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For Architects.

Easily scale releases across teams. Reduce complexity in life cycle management and design your architecture for resilience.


Policy-based releases

Codify and automate your release conditions and best practices into a release policy. These policies act as guard rails, automating the process of validating new software in production. This makes releasing software to production a consistent, scalable and self-driving process.


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Vamp is an AIOps platform for Cloud-Native Release Orchestration that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing.

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