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Release with confidence at any scale

Avoid the sleepless nights and pager duty panic with release management that gives you control over software delivery every step of the way.

Faster time-to-market

Keep projects on track

Make IT a business driver

Test in production - The only way that works for cloud

Easy canary releasing

Smart Release Strategies

Benefit from precisely-targeted user segments and phased release plans to control which users see what features and when.

Powerful autoscaling

Continuous validation

Validate the health and business success of your software release with Vamp’s built-in observability system.

Container agnostic deploys

Safety first

Automatically rollback a failed release. Sleep soundly in the knowledge there is an automated safety net in place to protect your business.

Use cases

Test safely in production

Updates and new feature rollouts on live environments can be a nail biting experience. Vamp gives you the tools to reduce the risks involved in many types of release scenarios.

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Migrating to containers

Re-architecting your applications to address new business needs is a core part of any Digital Transformation. With Vamp you can do this controlled and step-by-step.

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Move to the cloud

Real life system usage can be very different from what was planned. Stress tests can go only get your so far. Vamp enables a whole new range of simulation to validate your resource needs

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Explore the cost benefits of analytics-based software releasing

At Vamp we help customers put their DevOps strategy to work by adding an average of 30% business value to their current setup. Take this two minute survey to find out how increasing your DevOps maturity with release automation can increase your DevOps ROI.

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Developers love us

Vamp provides developers with a cutting-edge working environment, combining proven standards with cutting-edge technology.

Graphical UI and dashboards for clear information and easy management

Integrated javascript based workflow system for flexible automation

Integrated metrics and events system exposed through API, SSE and websockets.

Automatic load balancing of scaled out services and containers

API gateway features such as URL rewrites and conditional redirects

CLI and REST API for integration with CI/CD pipelines

Technology partners

Vamp works with

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure