Release with confidence
- even on a Friday afternoon

No more painful, risky releases. Vamp is an intelligent release management & orchestration platform
that will take over release decisions for you.


Cloud-Native Release Management & Orchestration

Gain control over software releasing every step of the way. Automatically safely test code in production and continuously release software across multiple teams and environments.

Release segmentation

Automate your entire release process and control which users see what features and when.

Continuous validation

Validate the health and business success of your software release with Vamp’s built-in monitoring system.

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Automated safety net

Minimize business downtime. Vamp automates the rollback when issues appear. We've got your back.


Release observability across teams and tools

Know the status of all ongoing releases across multiple teams, tools and environments. With Vamp, you’re always in control.


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Release with confidence

Vamp is changing the face of feature delivery with cloud-native release orchestration that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing.

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