About us

Vamp is developed in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam.

We’re dedicated to helping organisations and companies of all sizes increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs. We provide powerful and easy-to-use solutions to optimise modern architectures and systems, often based around microservices and/or containers.


Time is precious. We believe people should focus their efforts on the things they excel at and that matter to them. Let computers do the repeatable and automatable tasks - they’re far more suited to that than we are. Smart automation FTW!


We encourage anyone to join the Vamp community and pitch in with pull requests, bug reports and feature requests to make Vamp even more awesome.

Working at Vamp

We’re always on the lookout for smart, talented and motivated people that love to work on products and understand real-world problems and how to solve them in the best possible way. If you would love to join our team and work on Vamp and related products, check our open positions or get in touch!


You can contact us here