Cloud-Native Release Orchestration

Rest easy knowing your software is safe and your customer experience is protected with automated release decisions set by you and your team.


Automate feature release with fully controlled rollouts

Benefit from precisely-targeted user segments and phased release plans to control which users see what features and when. Think of canary releasing on steroids.

Vamp provides a library of re-usable release policies. Each policy allows fine-grained segmentation (think of location, device, time and customer-segments) for every release-step. Releases can work on single or over multiple environments.

  • Release automation
  • A/B testing
  • Multi-tenant release
  • Fine-grained segmentation


Observe the health of your release

Vamp uses SRE and business metrics from production traffic to ensure that feature release not just works for tech, but works for business too.

Vamp provides a  built-in monitoring system that collects performance metrics. This can be enriched with application metrics and business metrics from tools like New Relic, Prometheus and Google Analytics. Teams can now observe the health of any service in any environment across any monitoring tool in seconds.

  • Built-in APM
  • Business monitoring
  • SRE ready
  • Integrates with your tools


Safeguard your customer experience

Vamp ensures that your services are always available for your customers. If something breaks, we automatically roll back the release.

Vamp uses AI and Machine Learning to identify problems and brings them back to a working state without human intervention. Know there is an automated safety net in place to protect you and your users.

  • Anomaly detection
  • Automated rollback
  • Slack notifications
  • Reduce MTTR by 95%


Easily integrates with your environment


Release with confidence

Vamp is changing the face of feature delivery with cloud-native release orchestration that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing.

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