Key Vamp features

  • Graphical UI and dashboards for clear information and easy management.

  • Integrated metrics and events system exposing critical application runtime information.

  • Integrates with existing deployment pipelines using the API or the command line interface.

  • Load balancing of scaled-out services and containers.

  • A/B split and merge traffic based on conditions, percentages or both.

Vamp Community Edition has a lightweight design to run in high-available mission-critical architectures.
Vamp Enterprise Edition extends these features with security, multi-tenancy and role based access controls.

See Vamp in action

Microsoft’s Rob Bagby show cases Vamp workflows on DC/OS. Using application specific triggers, Rob achieves dynamic micro scaling in a Kafka based real time data pipeline.

Vamp Enterprise Edition

The Vamp Enterprise Edition (EE) extends the features available in the open source Vamp Community Edition (CE)with security, authorization and multi-tenancy. See below how Vamp EE compares to Vamp CE.

Feature Vamp Community Edition Vamp Enterprise Edition
Blueprints & Deployments
Graphical UI
Advanced Graphical UI with wizards and rich dashboards
Organisations, namespaces, zones and environments support
User Management & Access Control (ACL) for authorisation
SSL/TLS support
Installer & Upgrade tools

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Vamp Usecases

The integrated deployment, routing and workflow features of Vamp support a broad range of scenarios and industry verticals. We specifically see powerful use cases in the areas of testing in production, migrating to microservices, and realtime system optimisation.

Testing in Production

A/B test architectural changes in production. Resolve client-side incompatiblities after an upgrade. Read more

Migrating to Microservices

Move from a VM based monolith architectures to a modern, cloud-native and microservices based architecture. Read more

Realtime System Optimization

Test what would happen if scenarios by simulating and testing autoscaling behaviour. Read more

Vamp compared to...

How does Vamp compare to other products in the cloud native, container and delivery space?

Proxies and load balancers

Vamp works together with all common container-schedulers to provide continuous delivery and auto-scaling features. Read more

PaaS and container systems

Vamp adds an experimentation layer to PaaS infrastructures by providing canary-releasing features that integrate with common PaaS proxies. Read more

Frameworks and tools

Vamp closes the loop between the development and operations elements of a CI/CD pipeline, while feeding back runtime technical and business metrics. Read more

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