CLI reference

The VAMP CLI supports the following commands:
create, deploy, generate, describe, list, merge, update-gateway, undeploy, delete.

See using the Vamp CLI for details on installation, configuration and effective use of the CLI For details about a specific command, use vamp COMMAND --help


Create an artifact read from the specified filename or read from stdin.

vamp create blueprint|breed [--file|--stdin]
Parameter purpose
--file Name of the yaml file [Optional]
--stdin Read file from stdin [Optional]


# read from a file
vamp create breed --file my_breed.yaml

# read from stdin
cat my_breed.yml | vamp create breed


Deploys a blueprint

vamp deploy <blueprint> <deployment>


vamp deploy my_blueprint my_deployment


Generate a breed or blueprint based on an existing one.

vamp generate breed|blueprint
Parameter purpose
--source The name of the artifact to use as a source for generating a new artifact. [Required]
--deployable Only valid for breeds, the deployable to replace in the breed source. [Optional]
--cluster Only valid for blueprints, the cluster to place the new breed in.’ [Optional]
--breed Only valid for blueprint, the breed to replace in the blueprint source. [Optional]
--target The name of the to be created artifact. [Required]


# generate a breed: pick a source, replace the deployable and output a new breed
vamp generate breed --source my_breed:1.0.0 --deployable docker-repo/my-service:1.1.0 --target my_breed:1.1.0

# generate a blueprint: pick a source, pick the cluster in the source and replace the existing breed with a new breed
vamp generate blueprint --source my_blueprint:1.0.0 --cluster my_cluster --breed my_breed:1.1.0 --target my_blueprint:1.1.0


Shows the details of the specified artifact

vamp describe blueprint|breed|deployment|gateway|workflow <name>


vamp describe deployment simpleservice:1.0.0
 SERVICE               DEPLOYABLE                       STATUS     CLUSTER         CPU   MEM        INSTANCES   RUNNING   STAGED   HEALTHY   UNHEALTHY 
 simpleservice:1.0.0   magneticio/simpleservice:1.0.0   Deployed   simpleservice   0.2   128.00MB   1           n/a       n/a      n/a       n/a       
 simpleservice:1.0.0   100%     -           0%         web   


Shows a list of artifacts

vamp list blueprints|breeds|deployments|gateways|workflows


vamp list workflows
 NAME                  SCHEDULE   STATUS       BREED               
 kibana                daemon     running      kibana              
 allocation            daemon     running      allocation          
 metrics               daemon     running      metrics             
 health                daemon     running      health              
 event-based-trigger   event      restarting   event-based-trigger 
 vga                   daemon     running      vga   


Merges a blueprint with an existing deployment or blueprint.

vamp merge <blueprint> <deployment>


vamp merge my_blueprint my_deployment

Update Gateway

Updates either weight or condition for a gateway and its routes.

vamp update-gateway <name> 
Parameter purpose
--condition The routing condition applied to the specified route. [Optional]
--route Specifies the route to target in a gateway condition update. [Optional]
--strength The condition strength in % applied to the specified route, i.e. “50%”’ [Optional]
--weights A comma separated set of “[email protected]” combinations to apply to each route, i.e. –weights [email protected]%,[email protected]%’ [Optional]


# Update the weights in a set of routes.
vamp update-gateway my_gateway --weights [email protected]%,[email protected]%

# set a condition with a strength
vamp update-gateway my_gateway--route  my_route_a --condition "User-Agent == Safari" --strength 100%


Removes a deployment or just a service in a deployment.

vamp undeploy <deployment>

Parameter purpose
--service Name of the service to undeploy from the deployment [Optional]


vamp undeploy my_deployment --service my_old_service:1.0


Deletes an artifact

vamp delete blueprint|breed|gateway|workflow <name>


vamp delete breed my_breed

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