Test drive Vamp, fully supported from install to evaluation

The Vamp team can help you with installing and running Vamp in your on-prem or cloud based environment. Sign up for the Vamp Discovery Pilot and get all the benefits of Vamp in record time.

What is the Vamp Discovery Pilot?

Wether you are considering adopting container technology or already deploy multiple daily releases of your containerised applications in the cloud, managing the stack and business expectations present daunting challenges. Vamp overcomes these challenges. To get you up and running with Vamp, we created the Vamp discovery pilot program: a guided, 90 day hands-on program where we help you get all the benefits of Vamp on your environment and infrastructure.

The Three Pilot Stages

Preparation stage (pre - 90 days)
  • Discovery session to define fitting use case(s) and the measures of success.
  • On the kick-off day Vamp will be installed on-premise with an Unlimited use Vamp Enterprise edition.
  • After installation follows one day of hands-on training and testing of Vamp. This is also supported remotely by a Vamp consultant.
Pilot stage (day 0 - day 75)
  • You’ll be handling Vamp yourself but are supported by our engineers.
  • There’s the option of direct contact through Slack, phone or email with the Vamp engineer.
  • Every 30 days we’ll check-in to see how Vamp is performing and if we’re on track to achieve success.
Evaluation stage (~ day 75)
  • The evaluation meeting will be planned before the end of the pilot (typically around day 75).
  • We will evaluate to share lessons learned.
  • If the pilot is evaluated as a success: we will work out a commercial model for after the pilot.

Terms & Conditions

  • For the agreed 90 days we will lend dedicated product support during business hours to help solve Vamp related problems and provide dedicated support.
  • During the pilot you may use Vamp Enterprise Edition (Vamp EE) on an unlimited amount of vCPU’s.
  • We charge a fee in return for professional support during the 90 days and the limitless use of Vamp Enterprise Edition.
  • At the end of the pilot the paid fee will act as a discount on your license purchase if you decide to purchase Vamp within 30 days after the pilot ends and commit to a 12 month contract.
  • You may expect two business days of implementation support and one business day of training effort.
  • The preparation stage will only commence once a pilot order form is signed and received by us.

For more information on the Vamp Discovery Pilot