PaaS and container systems

Vamp compared to container schedulers and container clouds (CPaaS)

Docker Swarm, DC/OS, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes, Nomad, Rancher, AWS ECS, Azure CS, Mantl, Apollo
Container cluster managers and schedulers like Marathon, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Nomad or Docker Swarm provide great features to run containers in clustered setups. What they don’t provide are features to manage the lifecycle of a microservices or container based system. How to do continuous delivery, how to gradually introduce and upgrade versions in a controlled and risk-free way, how to aggregate metrics and how to use these metrics to optimise and scale your running system. Vamp adds these features on top of well-used container schedulers by dynamically managing routing and load balancing, deployment automation and metric driven workflows. Vamp also adds handy features like dependencies, ordering of deployments and resource management.

Vamp compared to PaaS systems

Cloud foundry, OpenStack, IBM Bluemix, Openshift
Vamp adds an experimentation layer to PaaS infrastructures by providing canary-releasing features that integrate with common PaaS proxies like HAProxy. For continuous delivery and auto-scaling features, Vamp integrates with common container-schedulers included in PaaS systems, like Kubernetes in Openshift V3.