Feature list

Vamp Community Edition is open source (Apache 2.0), has a lightweight design to run in high-available mission-critical architectures and includes the features listed below.
Contact us for details of the extended features available with Vamp Enterprise Edition.

  • Container-scheduler agnostic API
  • Graphical UI and dashboard
  • YAML configuration blueprints with support for dependencies, clusters and environment variables
  • Docker compose import
  • Browsable artifact revision history
  • Hot reloading of system configuration
  • Reverse proxy access to services and components
  • Customisable health definitions
  • CLI for integration with common CI/CD pipelines
  • Events API and Server-Sent Events (SSE) stream, integrates with Elastic Search and Kibana for custom Kibana dashboards
  • Multi-level metrics aggregation
  • Workflow automation, allowing for metrics-driven autoscaling, canary releasing and other optimisation patterns
  • Service discovery based on ports, virtual host names or external services (consul etc.)
  • Percentage and condition based programmable routing
  • Automatic load-balancing for scaled services

Extended features: Vamp Enterprise Edition