demonstrates how GrandVision speeds-up digital innovation

Amsterdam, 21 September 2018

GrandVision invited us to their Friday afternoon Beer & Learn session where Olaf Molenveld presented how Vamp helps to improve GrandVision’s digital transformation by enabling safeguarded experimentation with new services in production.

In a one-hour interactive session including a stage based (canary) software releasing demo we demonstrated how Vamp works to a non-technical crowd. Using a live setup, we involved the GrandVision crowd exposing them on the spot to different services depending on which device was used; iPhone users were shown different features, pricing and content than Android users. The demo shop included a voting popup for Android users asking them to decide if the new updated web shop looked better. When Vamp received enough votes the web shop was automatically released to all users, including iPhone. This demonstrates a rudimentary set-up of how you can include Quality of Experience into the software release automation process.

A big thanks to Niels Munting, Peter Zonneveld and Floris Band for having us at GrandVision and talk about how Vamp helps with digitally transformation by enabling quicker and more granular software releases while limiting blast radius.