Forecasting the Future of DevOps at KubeCon 2019

Amsterdam, 30 May 2019

Last week, the Vamp team was at KubeCon exploring DevOps maturity anno 2025! We’ve tinkered with today's DevOps CD tech long enough to have created a way of releasing microservices safely and frequently without crashing your whole dependency ecosystem. The key is smart canary-releasing.

But what happens when you add data models into the go-to production mix? Well, our engineers are confident that what happens isn’t panic; but a smooth continuous-delivery process of machine learning models.

Watch below as our very own Vincent Lesierse and Mesosphere’s Jörg Schad present A Tale of Two Worlds: Canary-Testing for Both Machine Learning Models and Microservices.

For those of you who missed the big event, see our handy true confessions of cloud-native addicts mini-conference guide here. It's been specially prepared to serve all your KubeCon catch-up needs.

For those of you wanting to read more about our presentation, check the Kubecon schedule here

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