Forecasting the Future of DevOps at KubeCon 2019

Amsterdam, 29 April 2019

Come with us on a journey through time and space as Vamp explores what DevOps maturity anno 2025 might look like at this year's KubeCon 2019. You might be on roll or just getting started on your journey to cloud-native with tools like Kubernetes and crew. At Vamp, we get it – it’s cool, but complex.

Your engineering teams might already be overworked at DevOps maturity 0 or 1, so why are we talking about DevOps maturity ‘the space age’? Because the future is coming and it’s a bright, shiny CI/CD pipeline powered by machine-learning.

We’ve tinkered with the CD tech long enough to create a way of releasing microservices fast and frequently without crashing your whole dependency ecosystem. The key is smart canary-releasing. But what happens when you add data models into the go-to production mix? Well, our engineers are confident that what happens isn’t panic; but a smooth continuous-delivery process of ML models.

Join us at this year’s KubeCon for A Tale of Two Worlds: Canary-Testing for Both ML Models and Microservices as Mesosphere’s technical lead Jörg Schad teams up with our very own technical product manager Vincent Lesierse for the most integrated of mash-ups.

Talk details

  • Thursday, May 23 • 11:55 - 12:30
  • Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
  • Hall 8.0 C1
  • Check the Kubecon schedule here

Whether you can or can’t make it to this year’s KubeCon, stay tuned as we’ll be keeping you informed on the future of DevOps and all that good stuff with KubeCon event summaries, videos, mini-conference guides and more.

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Or meet our team in Barcelona! Our CTO and tech team will be on hand. At Vamp, we eat, sleep and breath containerization to cloud, so we see it as our mission to share knowledge wherever we can.