Vamp in the news

New on DZone: extending Marathon-LB with Canary Releasing

Amsterdam, 18 October 2017

At the Vamp HQ in Amsterdam, we get to talk to a lot of Mesos and DC/OS users. Many users ask us how to extend their existing Marathon-LB setups with canary releasing. We recentlhy posted an article on DZone about exactly that topic.

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Q&A with Vamp founder on InfoQ

Amsterdam, 15 May 2016

We recently did a very interesting Q&A session with the folks at on architecting and building microservices platforms. Topics discussed were rise of microservices platforms over the last years and how Vamp fits into this ecosystem.

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Voxxed: Vamp and the Container Race

Amsterdam, 17 March 2016

Founder Olaf Molenveld recently spoke to Voxxed about all things cloud, microservices, containers and everything in between. We also discussed why vendor neutraliy matters and what Vamp’s roadmap looks like.

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Jaxenter on Vamp Microservics platform

Amsterdam, 15 March 2016

Founder Olaf Molenveld spoke to Java-focused publication Jaxenter on Vamp as a microservices platform and why Vamp is not strictly for microservices only.

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