Version 0.9.2

22nd December 2016

This v0.9.2 release of Vamp has plenty of improvements in the areas of installation, robustness and stability. We also give the workflows feature some TLC so they’re even easier to use from the UI. Check out our “Automated canary release with rollback” tutorial to get a feeling for the power of Vamp workflows.

What is new

  • #789 Workflows can now be suspended without deleting them and there is an option to restart them.
  • #813 Workflow execution period (successive executions) and execution timeout (max allowed execution time) can now be set for each workflow.
    More details: using workflows - artifacts
  • #834 Kubernetes bearer can be added as an optional configuration parameter.
    More details: configuration reference - container driver
  • #840 Time out can now be disabled for deployment operations.
    More details: configuration reference - operation
  • #846 Proper HTTPS support (client side).
    More details: configuration reference - common
  • #762 The default container type can now be configured.
    More details: configuration reference - model
  • #761 Support for Kubernetes driver with rkt runtime.
  • #862 Workflow environment variable values can be parametrised with workflow name (e.g. as $workflow or ${workflow}).
  • Vamp UI #13 We’ve added a help panel to the Vamp UI - click on the ? in the top right corner.
  • Website documentation is now versioned - where available, you can select content for specific Vamp versions.

What has changed

Known issues

  • On some infrastructures we sometimes noticed time-outs on the UI side. Accessing the API directly works fine.

What next?