Version 0.9.1

1st November 2016

The new stuff

This release of Vamp introduces:

  • The biggie: We’ve added Websockets support to our HTTP API. And we’re now using this heavily in our new UI to improve responsiveness, smoothness and speed.
  • We’ve updated our UI to a nice dark theme due to public demand, we love it as it’s much easier on the eyes, and of course we’re very interested in hearing your thoughts!
  • We’ve updated our charts with the amazing Smoothie Charts library for smooth running charts and sparklines.
  • You can now configure Vamp to use a key-value store for persistence data storage. By default nothing is defined, and you need to choose either ElasticSearch or key-value. Take a look at the Vamp Quickstart configuration for possible settings. The design reasons for this addition are having less dependencies on Elasticsearch, better re-use of the available key-value stores that come with cluster-managers (like Zookeeper in DC/OS or Etcd in Kubernetes) and more robustness (i.e. if we temporarily loose ES the persistence data is still available in the K/V store, only the metrics data is temporarily unavailable). Possible issues might be the performance of the key-value store after some time. This is a known issue being investigated.
  • Gateway stickyness is now editable through the UI
  • Scales and gateways are seperate entities exposed through the UI
  • Multi-select delete actions in the UI
  • You can now filter health and/or metrics events in the EVENTS stream panel
  • And of course lots of other improvements and bug-fixes that can be found here:

What has changed

  • BREAKING CHANGE: In the Vamp configuration the “rest-api” section has changed to “http-api”. When running Vamp 0.9.1 you need to change this setting accordingly. NB REST and websockets are both a part of our HTTP API. Check this Vamp configuration example.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The default value for Vamp Gateway Agent storeKey has /vamp/gateways/haproxy/1.6 - changed from /vamp/haproxy/1.6
  • In the Vamp configuration we set persistence caching by default to false. In our pre-build Vamp images we set this to true to make it easier on the persistence store load.
  • We’ve changed the updating deployment service states.

Known issues

  • Health in deployment detail screen stays at 100% even when a gateway error is measured. In the gateway detail screen this works correctly.
  • Memory leak issues when running workflows.
  • Instability when using Zookeeper in the Vamp quickstart packages after a period of time.
  • When using Elasticsearch for persistence storage there can be stale data due to speed of the websockets implementation and slower / eventual indexing of ES. A browser refresh solves this.
  • Vamp-docker quickstart throws error when starting up.

The full list of improvements and bug-fixes that can be found here:

What next?