DC/OS Quickstart

This section describes how to quickly install Vamp 1.0 on DC/OS so you can evaluate it. The installation uses an installer built into the Vamp Lifter application to bootstrap a full Vamp installation.

After a successful installation, you will be able to login to Vamp EE as an admin user and deploy services.


Do not run this default installation in production! It does not include persistent storage and makes use of a Hashicorp Vault ‘dev’ server.

What You’ll Need

A DC/OS cluster on which to install Vamp:

  • This can be a 1.10.x, or 1.11.x cluster
  • It should have 4 nodes:
    • A minimum of 3 private agents
    • A minimum of 1 public agent
    • Each node should have a minimum of 4 vCPUs and 12 GB memory

Deploying Vamp Lifter

Sign up for a Vamp Enterprise Edition trial, if you haven’t already. Then download the lifter-standalone.json file

Using the DC/OS CLI

Deploy the Vamp Lifter application using the DC/OS CLI:

dcos marathon app add lifter-standalone.json

Using the DC/OS UI

Deploy the Vamp Lifter application using the DC/OS CLI:

  • Select Services → Run a Service
  • Select JSON Configuration
  • Paste the contents of the lifter-standalone.json file into the editor
  • Click the Review & Run button
  • Click the Run Service button to deploy the Vamp Lifter application

Install Vamp and dependencies

In the DC/OS UI, click the icon next to the vamp-ee-lifter service name to open the Vamp Lifter UI in a new window

  • Select Installer → Deploy
  • Click on the Deploy button (top right), this will start the installation and:
    • Deploy MySQL, Hashicorp Vault and Elasticsearch
    • Create a sample organisation called organisation
    • Create a sample environment called environment for the sample organisation
    • Create a Kubernetes namespace called vampio-organisation-environment
    • Install the Vamp Gateway Agent (VGA) into the vampio-organisation-environment namespace
    • Deploy the Vamp application
  • To view the progress of the installation, click on the Log tab

Login to the Vamp UI

In the DC/OS UI, click the icon next to the vamp-ee service name to open the Vamp UI in a new window

You can login using the username: admin and password: abc12345

What next?

If you need help you can find us on Gitter

Last updated on September 7, 2018