Vamp Enterprise Edition Trial for DC/OS

Vamp Enterprise for DC/OS

Thank you for your interest in Vamp Enterprise! To start using Vamp Enterprise you need to setup and configure some dependencies and environments. To make this really easy we’ve created Vamp Lifter, our setup and configuration tool. You can read more about Vamp components, including Lifter here.

If you’re new to Vamp Enterprise Edition and you want a quick way to evaluate it, copy the Vamp Lifter application specification below and save it as file named lifter-standalone.json. Then follow the DC/OS Quickstart guide.

  "id": "/vamp/vamp-ee-lifter",
  "cpus": 0.5,
  "mem": 1024,
  "instances": 1,
  "container": {
    "type": "DOCKER",
    "docker": {
      "image": "vampio/vamp-ee-lifter:latest-dcos-evaluation",
      "network": "BRIDGE",
      "portMappings": [
          "containerPort": 8081,
          "hostPort": 0,
          "protocol": "tcp"
      "forcePullImage": false,
      "parameters": [
          "key": "dns-search",
          "value": "marathon.mesos"
  "labels": {
    "DCOS_SERVICE_NAME": "vamp-lifter",
    "DCOS_SERVICE_SCHEME": "http",
  "healthChecks": [
      "gracePeriodSeconds": 30,
      "intervalSeconds": 10,
      "maxConsecutiveFailures": 0,
      "portIndex": 0,
      "timeoutSeconds": 5,
      "delaySeconds": 15,
      "protocol": "MESOS_TCP"
  "env": {
    "VAMP_EE_NAMESPACE": "vampio",
    "VAMP_PERSISTENCE_KEY_VALUE_STORE_VAULT_URL": "http://vault.marathon.mesos:8200"

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Last updated on September 11, 2018