Vamp can use the full power of Marathon running on either a DCOS cluster or custom Mesos cluster. You can use Vamp’s DSL, or you can pass native Marathon options by using a dialect in a blueprint.


The instructions included on the DC/OS installation page will also work with Mesos/Marathon.

Set Marathon as the Vamp container driver

  1. Set up a DCOS cluster using Mesosphere’s assisted install on AWS ( - product). If you prefer, you can build your own Mesos/Marathon cluster. Here are some tutorials and scripts to help you get started:

  2. Whichever way you set up Marathon, in the end you should be able to see something like this:

  3. Make a note of the Marathon endpoint (host:port) and update the container-driver section in the Vamp application.conf config file. If you use a package installer like yum or apt-get you can find this file in /usr/share/vamp/conf/application.conf. Set the “url” option to the Marathon endpoint.

    container-driver {
      type = "marathon"
      url = "http://<marathon_host>:<marathon_port>"
      response-timeout = 30 # seconds, timeout for container operations
  4. (Re)start Vamp by restarting the Java process by hand.

What next?

Last updated on July 2, 2018