Vamp v0.9.5 has not been tested on the latest local version of Docker. Docker Swarm support is coming soon, see - issue #690: Docker swarm support

Vamp can talk directly to a Docker daemon and its driver is configured by default. This is useful for local testing. Vamp can even run inside Docker while deploying to Docker. You can pass native Docker options by using the Docker dialect in a Vamp blueprint..

Set Docker as the Vamp container driver

  1. Install Docker as per Docker’s installation manual ( - install Docker engine)
  2. Check the DOCKER_* environment variables Vamp uses to connect to Docker, i.e.

    export DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME=default
  3. If Vamp can’t find these environment variables, it falls back to using the unix:///var/run/docker.sock Unix socket for communicating with Docker.

  4. Update the container-driver section in the Vamp application.conf config file. If you use a package installer like yum or apt-get you can find this file in /usr/share/vamp/conf/application.conf

    container-driver {
      type = "docker"
      response-timeout = 30 # seconds, timeout for container operations
  5. (Re)start Vamp by restarting the Java process by hand.

What next?

Last updated on July 2, 2018