Frontend software developer

About the role

As a frontend software engineer, you are the linking pin between your backend co-workers, the visual designers and the end customer. Your work is critical to making a great first impression. Without good frontend code, neither the backend nor the visual design will stand a chance.

What we’re looking for:

• Experience in building Application pages with React/Angular/Insert a popular framework here in a professional (commercial/opensource project) project/product environment

• Experience in writing tests for frontend and support for multiple browsers

• Experience with interacting with Rest APIs

• Experience with CSS (templates), frameworks like Bootstrap

• Experience with Github Standard Pull & Request Workflow

• Interest towards CI, CD, DevOps, microservices, (docker)containers

• You obsess over responsive design, graceful degradation, breakpoints etc.

• You love good form, function and smooth interaction

• You aim to strike a great balance between beauty/elegance and realism/pragmatism, because you’re a true crafts(wo)man

• You love coming into work and enjoy the people you work with

• You love making software!

• You are quick to pick up on new stuff and enjoy the process of learning new things

Bonus-points for:

• Experience with developing single page app development

• Hands-on experience with UX design and testing

• Experience in implementing e-commerce and admin type web application front ends and dashboards.


• contributing to internationally used open source project

• working on and with cutting edge tech

• direct and lots of influence

• flat and agile organisational structure with lots of flexibility and responsibilities

• no bullshit culture

• international exposure, clients and partnerships in the container. microservices and IoT space

• Amsterdam city centre offices with great lunch facilities

• Powerful notebook (mac, linux or windows) with big monitor

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