Help us create the future!

We are creating a product that will disrupt and redefine the way companies deploy and manage microservice based systems. You will be working alongside the best people, using the latest techniques available. Help us make it happen and join our team! We’re currently looking for:

Distributed systems software developer

You have experience with JVM and functional programming (Java, Scala etc.) based development and tooling.

You are not afraid to also work on the UI side of procuct-features using UI frameworks like Angular, React, Typescript, Vue, Polymer.

You have experience with application development in “the cloud”.

Your ambition is to be a true software crafts(wo)man, and thus you are aiming for the perfect balance between elegance and pragmatism.

DevOps tickles your fancy.

You love coming into work and enjoy the people you work with.

You love making software!

You are quick to pick up on new stuff and enjoy the process of learning new things.

Bonus-points for: Experience with Docker, Akka, Scala, Golang, Mesos, Marathon, K8s, FP, Angular, React, Polymer, DCOS.

What we’re looking for:

• a minimum of 3 yrs professional software development experience, working in (agile) teams (using f.e. Scala, Java, C#, Python, Go or functional programming languages)

• both back-end and front-end focused, with experience or willing to learn and work with angular, react, polymer, typescript etc. to deliver full-stack integrated product features

• experience with using and/or building open source products and development

• affinity with docker and micro services ecosystem

• experience with using CI/CD tools

• able to self-manage in a flat and dynamic start-up team setting

What we provide:

• contributing to internationally used open source project

• working on and with cutting edge tech

• direct and lots of influence

• flat and agile organisational structure with lots of flexibility and responsibilities

• no bullshit culture

• international exposure, clients and partnerships in the container. microservices and IoT space

• Amsterdam city centre offices with great lunch facilities

• Powerful notebook (mac, linux or windows) with big monitor

Contact us by emailing your motivation and resume to [email protected]