1 Build revolutionarily

Put your efforts towards creating the stuff that doesn’t exist yet. The rest we can just buy, borrow, fork or clone.

2 Don’t predict, be reactive

Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, so react to whatever comes your way.

3 Compose with microservices

Monolithic has been dead for a while. Keep it that way.

4 Faster is always better

The millisecond is the new second. Especially on mobile.

5 Ride the wave and make it bigger

Useful and cool stuff is released all the time. Use it and contribute to it.

6 New is hard, but that’s OK

Some things don’t have patterns, references or best practices yet. Don’t be afraid to coin them.

7 Easy can be complex

Some things are complex by nature. The challenge is making them look simple. That’s even more complex. Nice!

8 Use what works

Ignore religious debates about tools, languages and platforms. They will eat your happiness and confidence.

9 Do full stack UI & UX

API’s, CLI’s, manual pages and admin screens also need a proper UI and UX.

10 Don’t be a stranger

It’s 2019: Brazil, India and China are just around the corner. Use I18N.


These are our dogmas. Some of these dogmas contradict each other. Most of these dogmas aren’t even ours. Luckily, this is all in line with our dogmas ;)