Vamp is actively developed by Vamp Community Edition is open source and Apache 2.0 licensed.

For the Vamp Enterprise Edition please contact us to discuss your requirements, pricing and features.

Community support

If you have a question about Vamp, please check the Vamp documentation first - we’re always adding new resources, tutorials and examples.

Bug reports

If you found a bug, please report it! Create an issue on GitHub and provide as much info as you can, specifically the version of Vamp you are running and the container driver you are using.


You can post questions directly to us on our public Gitter channel


You can also follow us on Twitter: @vamp_io

Professional support

For extended support, pricing information on the Vamp Enterprise Edition (EE), professional services or consultancy you can contact us at or call +31(0)88 555 33 99

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