Katana is not an official release

All changes since the last official release are described below. This applies only to binaries built from source (master branch).

What is new

  • no-store pulse storage #869
  • Configurable service network #730
  • Using Vamp namespace in Docker labels #679
  • Key-value store for (additional) Vamp configuration and option to update Vamp configuration at runtime #872
  • Multiple gateway marshallers and option to update VGA (HAProxy) templates at runtime #870.
  • Querying events by type #878
  • Showing Vamp logs in UI #863
  • Kubernetes namespace support #667

What has changed

  • Pulse storage type needs to be explicitly specified vamp.pulse.type: elasticsearch or no-store #869
  • Removed redundant HAProxy configuration: vamp.gateway-driver.haproxy.virtual-hosts, vamp.gateway-driver.haproxy.tcp-log-format and vamp.gateway-driver.haproxy.http-log-format #763.
  • Debug API endpoints have been removed #308
  • API endpoint to get HAProxy configuration and key-value key for VGA #870.
  • Configuration change: vamp.workflow-driver.workflow.deployables."application/javascript" has been changed to vamp.workflow-driver.workflow.deployables.application.javascript

What next?