Canary releasing and autoscaling
for microservice systems

Easy canary releasing

Easy canary releasing

Percentage and condition based routing for A/B testing and canary releasing. Prevent performance issues and service disruption with gradual rollouts and upgrades.

Powerful autoscaling

Powerful autoscaling

Integrated events, SLA and workflows engine. Enable metric-driven canary releasing, autoscaling and other optimisation patterns. Easy to extend with custom workflow scripts.

Container agnostic deploys

Container systems agnostic

Integrates with all major container systems to avoid vendor lock-in. YAML based configurations, RESTful API and graphical UI to manage deployments and operations.

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What more do we offer

Graphical UI and dashboards for clear information and easy management

Integrated javascript based workflow system for flexible automation

Integrated metrics and events system exposed through API, SSE and websockets.

Automatic load balancing of scaled out services and containers

API gateway features such as URL rewrites and conditional redirects

CLI and REST API for integration with CI/CD pipelines

Apache 2.0 opensource license

Manages dependencies, environment variables and resources

Scalable, high available and modular architecture

Support for port based, virtual hosts and external service discovery

Vamp Runner for integration testing and educational purposes

Canary releasing also works without containers and microservices

Technology Partners

Vamp works with

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure